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MLRCA Committees








































































































































Rick Schmidt-KS (Chair)

Lisa Davis, WA

Pennie Grotheer, MO

Bill Ferguson, VA

Tracy Harmon, KS


This Committee will be responsible for reviewing any and all changes to the MLRCA Constitution. The Committee will review all proposals put forward including changes, revisions, additions, deletions, etc with regards to the MLRCA Constitution. They will also be responsible for making recommendations on those proposed changes..


This committee will work in conjunction with the publisher of the Advocate to solicit advertisements in the Advocate and/or Guide Book. They will monitor expiration dates of ads, renew ads and sign up potential new venders, and breeders.

Jerry Hartel, MO

Andy Mahan KY

Kassi Sieber, CA

Rusty Westoff, TN (Chair)

Pam Travis, MI

Tom Poole MD



Debra Dolph, SC


This committee will be very active in the Creation and Editing of the “MLRCA Guidebook”. They will Put together Guidelines, Articles of Interest, Photos, Instructions, and other Materials in order to compile and complete a New Guidebook for the MLRCA.


Sheree White - Chair

Purpose of this commitee is simple, review previous years expenditures, and make recommendations as to how the MLRCA can save money. 
The President and Sec/Treas. will be on this committee as well.

Charlene Everetts, VA

Stephen Trent, VA

MLRCA Hall of Fame

This committee will be in place for 1 year only. Their purpose will be to nominate members recommended to them, (they may also nominate members) deserving of being recognized as exceptional breeders, and members of outstanding character to enter the MLRCA Hall of Fame. They will then vote (silent ballet) on each member nominated with a 2/3 majority vote needed to be accepted into the Hall. Minimum of 10 years MLRCA membership is required to be eligible. There will be no minimum or maximum number of nominations. After the initial committee awards acceptance into the Hall, those inductees and subsequent inductees shall comprise the committee. The committee will meet twice a year (at MLRCA and ARBA National Shows) to nominate and vote for new inductees with names announced at the banquet during the ARBA Convention each year. With a 2/3 majority vote, any inductee may be voted out of the Hall for conduct detrimental to the objectives of the MLRCA. All inductees will be able to purchase a special club jacket denoting their achievement. 

Nominations may be made prior to Nationals by way of email or phone, as all members may not be present at the same time.


Face of the Future
Debra Dolph, SC

This committee will be comprised of youth members with 1 to 2 Adult Advisors. The committee will be very involved with contributing 
to the “Mini Lop Advocate”, (Current Trends, Layouts, etc.), Social Media development and Promotion, Youth representation at nationals, Youth booth at Nationals, and will serve to present to the Executive Board any ideas, concerns and goals as they pertain the MLRCA Youth.



Amy Lehnus, IL (Chair)

Debra Dolph, SC


LOL (Love Our Lops)



This committee will be tasked with providing information to people need information for the enrichment, care, cleaning, and overall ethical treatment of Mini Lops.


Disaster Relief

Joy Ekstrom, OR (Chair)


This committee will help gather resources and donations to help those effected by adverse circumstances resulting in the loss of Animals, Housing, Cages, etc.


Sunshine and Rain



This committee is dedicated to MLRCA Family Friends. They will be responsible for sending out cards, Electronic cards, and/or Emails to acknowledge milestones achieved. These would include Graduations, Weddings, Death or Illness. The intention is to let members know they are more than just members, they are family.


Web Site

Robert Laughlin (Chair)

Nora Anderson

Jacob Arntz

Ashley Cardenas

Nicole Marshall


This committee will be responsible for the maintenance and updating of the MLRCA web page.

They will work together to design and develop a publicly accessible website that includes information that is important and useful to all MLRCA Members. They will work to keep the website relevant and up-to-date, incorporating key features and enhancements as necessary to insure ease of use by MLRCA members while striving to keep pace with emerging technologies.




This committee will be responsible to promote more breeder interest in the Advocate.

They shall forward on to the editor a contest for all readers to participate in (excluding the committee). Contestants can mail their entries to this committee head in which a winner will be selected. Ties will be determined by a random drawing. The winner's name will be published in the next issue of the Advocate.

Prizes will range from cash awards to a 1 night paid stay at our headquarters motel at an ARBA convention.


All committee chairpersons shall appoint their own committee members; one or more MUST be a youth member (except investigation).


Appoint no less than 4 committee members.

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